Thin film pressure sensor A101 Flexiforce Medical care wearable devices Pressure resistance type in Sensors from Electronic Components Supplies

Thin film pressure sensor A101 Flexiforce Medical care wearable devices Pressure resistance type in Sensors from Electronic Components Supplies

Product Specification

Material: Polymer

Usage: Temperature Sensor

Type: Vibration Sensor

Theory: Resistance Sensor

is_customized: Yes

Output: Switching Transducer


Model Number: A101

Thickness 0.008 "(.203mm)
0.62 "(15.6mm)
Width 0.30 "(7.6mm)
Sensing area 0.15 "diameter (3.8mm)
Joint male square pin 2-pin
Typical parameters:
Linear error <+/-3%
Repetitive of full scale <+/-2.5% (sensor conditioned, 80% applied force)
Hysteresis of full scale <4.5% (sensor conditioned, 80% applied force)
<5% per logarithmic time scale drift (constant load of 90% sensor rating)
Response time microseconds <5
Working temperature -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F (-40 degrees to C 60 degrees C)
Force measuring range lb. 0-10 (44 N)
Temperature sensitivity output changes up to 0.2% per F degree (about 0.36% per C)
The latest A101 is the smallest of the current sensing area of the pressure resistance of the thin film sensor, the maximum measurement pressure to 45N, very suitable for the size of the OEM application and integration into the medical and wearable smart products.
Thin film force sensor in some of the measurement space is limited to the place with a small volume high linearity and other alternative to replace the advantages of bulky bulky LOADCELL force sensor.
Medical use: dental occlusion pressure measurement; intubation pressure of the patient tissue; clinical doctor contact force measurement and test; cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration first-aid training (CPR) (position, depth, frequency) pressure measurement; diagnostic equipment of muscle and joint activities pressure; pronunciation correction; intelligent insole pressure of walking ability of balance control (old people walking fall alarm); critically ill patients, alarm to care for the elderly, injection pump, infusion pump pressure test.
Vehicle use: occupant detection; safety air bag pressure; trailer brake control.
Clothing: knitted garment pressure, sole, shoe pad pressure test.
Recreational use: sports equipment; fitness equipment; grip strength measurement; grip GOLF training.
Industrial use: quality control; safety devices; packaging and sealing; automated production.
Other: animal or human bite force measurement; contact force equipment; grasping force; equipment monitoring; robot; and so on.




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The principle of operation of the proposed pressure sensor is based on the properties of the sensor strain gauge: when the pressure in the working volume in.

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