the Romance of the Western Chamber Language English Keep on Lifelong learning as long as you live knowledge is priceless 325 in Books from Office School Supplies

the Romance of the Western Chamber Language English Keep on Lifelong learning as long as you live knowledge is priceless 325 in Books from Office School Supplies

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Since the appeance of this play The Romance of the Western Chamber in the thirteenth century, it has enjoyed unparalleled popularity. The play has given rise to innumerable sequels, parodies, and rewritings; it has influenced countless later plays, short stories, and novels and has played a crucial role in the development of drama crilicism. The theme of the drama is an attack on feudal mores, supporting the longing of young people in those days for freedom of marriage, although it follows the timeworn pattern of a gifted scholar and a beautiful lady falling in love at first sight. This book, with plain words, intends to help foreign readers understand the story and appreciate classic Chinese opera.



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